A Very Long Week Ending with Survival

I survived last week. There were moments I wasn’t sure that I would.

I began the week already tired and less than 25% done with the metric ton of homework that I had for both classes for the weekend. I had finance problems to do (they didn’t come easily to me). I had seven writing projects and a 3 minute presentation to complete for Business communications on Saturday. And I had a major (30% of the grade for a hefty course) project to do with a financial and industry analysis complete with a 40 minute presentation I shared with a classmate partner. As of 5pm Thursday I was done with 5 of the 7 writing projects, I had enough notes to wing the 3 minute presentation, and I had done most of the research for the big finance project.

I had almost none of the writing done for the project and none of the power point done.

I’m a terrible procrastinator. I really would like to get past that. Writing for this blog, in face, was a part of my goal of being self-deadline driven rather than driven by the “real” deadlines and using the adrenaline at the end to complete projects.

Last week I paid the price of that procrastination. I averaged less than 5 hours of sleep per night and turned in work that I know could have been better. But I got it done, and I survived.

Monday morning (notice the missed blog post) I could feel it. I felt awful, even after a restful Sunday. And so I took a sick day and cancelled some meetings, something I usually avoid until I collapse completely. So that’s a good sign…not waiting for complete collapse to adjust. I spent most of the day in bed and relaxed and this morning I was ready to get up, hit the gym, and made it to the office early.

Thankfully the homework for the next 10 days is much more moderate. So tonight I’ll go out to a movie with Theresa and we’re now heading into the year with optimism and a little more rest.

I’ll post more about what I’ve learned about writing, presentations, and finance over the next week or so. Thanks for stopping by!

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