Holiday Procrastination —-> New Semester Stress and Craziness

I am a P, not a J in so many ways.  Especially when it comes to being able to start early on projects.  And especially when life is crazy.

I had 27 days to get a ton of homework done for two classes.  As of last Friday morning, with only 6 days to go, I had precious little done.

New Year’s Day came and went.  I didn’t work at the office, but almost no studying done.

Here’s a list of all the stuff I am supposed to have done for Friday and Saturday (all for grades, not prep):

  • Four formal business letters
  • A formal business informative Memo
  • A 2 page written proposal (these three are for Business Communication so it’s the writing that counts!)
  • A reflection on what I’ve learned in Business Communication that will improve my writing
  • A 2-3 minute presentation on any non-work-related topic
  • A complete financial analysis of a firm with a classmate doing a competitor.
  • An analysis of the comparison of the two firms.
  • A 40 minutes duo presentation on the two firms and their comparative analysis.
  • An assignment of financial calculations and problems related to time value of money

The finance ones (the ones I’m most concerned about) are all due Friday.  In four days.  I’ve only looked at the problems assignment and I’m going to need some tutoring for it.  The corporate financial analysis is harder than I was anticipating, and I already thought it was going to be hard.

So all my evenings this week are booked.  I was hoping to be on top of things enough to go to a Bible study with my family tonight and that’s probably a bust.  I was planning to start exercising again this week and that looks unlikely.  And I’ll have to take a day or more, if I can, off work to try to finish all this up.


If this was the way it was handed out, it would be easy for me to handle.  A lot of work on a short deadline.  Go!

But I am kicking myself a little because I had 3 weeks that I could have chipped away at the work and I let it go to the end.

“Stop it!”

Oh yeah!  Right!  Spending time kicking myself around makes even less time for homework!  Duh!

I made a significant dent on Saturday and I think I have some momentum.  But this will be a week of above average craziness but even at this point, with so much left, I’m confident I’ll get all the work I need to done and come into class on Friday (possibly bleary-eyed) with everything ready to go.  Because I have to.

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