2014: Looking Forward

Yesterday I posted a summary of the big events from last year. I had hoped to do it on the 31st but that day didn’t turn out like I’d originally planned, or more rather, didn’t start like I’d planned.

Today’s post is about the coming year. Every new year has possibilities it brings. I don’t know what the year will bring but here’s some things I want to focus on and accomplish:

  • Graduate with my Executive MBA in December. It is still my goal to maintain a 4.0 until that first B comes along.
  • Excel at loving my wife. I have my good moments, but I still have more bad ones than I would like. I want to help her to be the best at whatever she puts her hand to, and I’m excited about some of her goals for the year (including possibly starting her own blog!) that we discussed on our date today.
  • Consistently save. We live within our means and have zero non-mortgage debt. But we’ve not had a concerted savings plan and there are several items on our “want to do” list that will require some serious cash to be saved. We’d like to move to a bigger house (it’s cramped here right now) and we have some remodeling projects here that need to be done whether we move or not. So we have some ambitious goals for saving for 2014.
  • Be a better father. I love people, and my children in particular, but I’m not often very good at understanding and motivating them. There’s some real work to be done here, and a lot of room for improvement. I have limited time to influence and build up my children, and I want to use that time wisely.
  • Finish losing that weight. It may not be completely realistic, but I think I can get down to 195 pounds. I’m having trouble cracking the 210 barrier right now, but I think it’s doable. I’ll have to consistently exercise though.
  • Follows from the last one…eat deliberately. I’ve done a lot better on this over the past 6 months, but I’m still falling into bad habits on my eating.
  • Raise the level of my game at work and of those around me. I want to see myself more like the head coach for a football team and less like a boss. I want to be known as an encourager and I want to be able to teach others around me to be excellent in their work and to be excellent in mine. We had a huge growth spike over the last 4 months and if it continues we will all have to be better.

There probably could be a lot more, but this is the focus. With school and family and work, it’s easy to bite off too much. I want to be realistic on what can be done and to hit what I’m shooting at.

Happy new year, again! Set some goals and keep to them, or not, but rejoice in having a year to do what you were created to do.

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