Posting Up Short

Life has been amazingly crazy of late. I didn’t post at all last Thursday even though I had intended to. Wednesday my kitchen sink drain fell apart (yes, on Christmas!) and the week went with it. I had planned to spend the bulk of Saturday working on the 2014 household budget and on homework. Instead I fixed the sink. And like any plumbing project, involved a requisite minimum two trips to the hardware store. Thankfully it was only two.

We have a working sink now. Which is much nicer than washing dishes in the bathtub! And we don’t have to make an immediate decision on what we’re doing with our rapidly falling-apart kitchen…we can delay it for now. Which is good, because we don’t have a final budget yet.

So this morning it’s back to work. I will have Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for studying this week, which is good. Because I have zero percent of my homework done that is now due in 11 days. I’m hoping to have a “reflecting on the past year” type post up for tomorrow and a “looking forward” post on Wednesday even with all the other stuff going on in life right now. Please, please don’t hold your breath. We could have a major crisis tonight and blow all of my expectations out of the water!

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