Life Is Pain, Highness…

Life is hard sometimes.  It’s not always, but sometimes it is.

It feels hard right now.  And I really wish I’d stop just wishing it was a little easier and just embrace it.  It’s been easier.  And it’s not as hard as it feels while I write this.

It’s been a good week.  And a hard week.

Yesterday was a really productive day.  I had a few meetings that were amazingly successful at accomplishing goals and at encouraging some key team members in their work.  And I had some meetings that were about people and that were hard and that include the need for future conversations that I’m dreading right now.  And added to this I did a couple of completely stupid things that were totally avoidable that I’m still beating myself up over.

Historically, those conversations I’m dreading have never been as bad as I expect them to be.  But then, I tend to focus a little too much on the negative sometimes.  Especially when I get tired or right after I do something stupid.

I really don’t like being depressed.  Or maybe I do.  I don’t know.

So I’ve already had too many long posts this week so I shouldn’t waste my readership by drawing this out.  And it’s Thursday, so I’m supposed to write about school.  And write about school I will.

This weekend it’s back to finance class on Friday.  I have no where near the amount of reading for this weekend that I did for last weekend so that’s something.  But evenings have been weird and I haven’t gotten it done yet so tonight I may have to go off grid and away from home to knock the work out.  Of perhaps the work will knock me out.

Saturday is Business Writing.  I have some short readings from the handbook (affect vs. effect, subject/verb agreement, etc.)  And while fairly dry reading (note the word handbook)  there has been some humor…like the word “one” is usually singular.  Really?  I would never have guessed that.  Though it left me hanging because I’m wondering still…when isn’t it?

By Monday I’m sure things will be better.  And maybe I’ll be able to post and tell you when the word “one” is plural, since it’s only normally singular.  Or maybe a helpful reader will explain this in the comments….

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