Late Nights

It was my first. I knew they’d be coming at some point. Last night I was up past midnight studying. I couldn’t get up this morning to go to the gym with Theresa to exercise, and I’m still whooped. It’s going to be a full day, and I still have more studying tonight to get ready for the weekend of classes.

Procrastination. Number one problem here is that I took a week off classwork when I really didn’t have it to take off. And I’m feeling it now and need to get over it and push through but more than that I need to make sure it doesn’t happen again, especially right before I have class two weekends in a row!

Avoidance. I was dreading the finance work, and the reading has been rough to slog through, but I’m making it through. I need to get over my tendency to put off things I don’t want to do, but to jump in and knock out my least favorites first so they’re done and off the list.

Life. Between the flu hitting the household and preparations for a board meeting that’s in two weeks (we mail out materials 2 weeks in advance so this is the crunch) I’ve had a lot of personal and work life that in some weeks could have had margin that I could pour schoolwork into. Not so this time. Hence the problem with the first item on the list.

Distractions. I’m allowing stuff that’s not on my 168 hours list to creep in to the schedule. Need to say hasta la vista to anything not in the time budget and be vigilant at it.

So it’s not my last late night, and perhaps not the last one this week, but it’s hopefully a learning experience and will be just painful enough that I avoid the three problems above (can’t fix life happening) and stay on task. I’ll let you know how class goes this weekend and whether I’m able to stay alert and learn something after the homework is done!

What about you….any issues in your life with avoidance, procrastination or distractions that you want to share?   What’s your story?

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