Can Chess Teach you about the Nature of Life?

Artists like freedom to create, but pages and canvases are limited in scope (while remaining fairly unlimited in potential).  A good friend of mine wrote recently about how the limited scope/rules of chess can actually display how true freedom works:

But consider the following:

Chess has a finite number of pieces (32).

Chess has a finite number of squares (64).

Chess has ironclad rules of movement for every piece.

Yet the possible game variations are, for all practical purposes, infinite. (The actual number is 10 to the power of 120, which, sources tell me—I have no way of personally verifying it—is more than the number of atoms in the observable universe.)

via Chess & True Freedom — Dr. Brian Mattson.

It’s good to remember that we live in a finite creation with standards and principles that God set up to give us almost unlimited expression, within those barriers.  Children feel most free in a fenced in back yard and chess games are beautiful expressions of man’s abilities to think and plan, but within a finite “universe.”  Read the article and enjoy, and maybe even follow Brian’s blog if you’re interested!

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