EVP2 (No Aliens or Predators)

So we finished up the first HR module the past weekend.  My brain still hurts thinking about it  almost a week later.  Not because there were any terribly hard concepts to understand, but because there was so much more that I learned than we could ever put into practice easily and quickly.

I wrote going into the weekend about the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  During the class we talked more about it and spent some time preparing, and then presenting,  about each organization’s (or team’s) EVP.  It was fun to do ours since we’re in the middle of looking through Mission and Values.  And it was fun because I realized more than I had before after my presentation that Samaritan Ministries truly is a fantastic place to work.

We have great benefits for our staff:  A family friendly environment, a 3% SEP IRA contribution, a chiropractor visits twice each week and serves staff and families.  And we have fun at work and we serve as a part of an amazing mission in encouraging and facilitating God’s people caring for one another.

We expect some things in return as well.  We want our staff to be all in for what we do.  All of our staff are members of Samaritan, and have to believe in our core statement of faith.  We want everyone to not just attend, but be involved in a local church.  We want our staff to practice the community we encourage, both with each other in the building, and with their local church body.

Samaritan has been on the Best Christian Workplaces list 6 years running.  Our staff has a high level of engagement and every day we all get to come to work someplace that matters.  As we discussed our core values and compared them to well run organizations like Zappos or Quicken Loans, something continues to strike us:  You can’t separate our values and our culture from our product.  We practice what we preach, and we preach what we practice.  And that, in and of itself, makes going to work every day an amazing experience.  If you fit with our EVP, you should consider joining our family.

Oh, and if you didn’t get the joke in the title of the post, here you go:

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