Making People Matter

Here’s a snippet from a short article, that could turn into something later, from a non-profit management blog I read on “matter-ness.”  If you’re interested in people management, I’d encourage you to take a look at the article and consider how you can help show those you work with that they matter to you, to your team, and to your organization.

For me, matter-ness began with a minipheny I had as president of my synagogue. For a year as president my inbox was filled with angry complaints. What happened to my parking spot? Why was the door locked? How come I didn’t know she died? And my favorite: why didn’t anyone call when I was in the hospital even though I didn’t tell anyone I was in the hospital?

And then it occurred to me that all of these complaints were actually one complaint: Why don’t I matter here?

via Matter-ness as Organizing Principle | Allison Fine.

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