It Was Bound to Happen Sometime

For the first time since I set the goal of posting 4 times per week on Monday-Thursday, I missed getting a post up by 10AM today.  It wasn’t that I completely forgot, but I had so much going on this morning that the post I’d started for today, which you’ll likely see later this week, just wasn’t going to get done and get posted.  So I had my crazy day and this is what you get.

It was a good day today.  I started my FOURTH consecutive week of exercising and the second week of adding weights tonight.  I had a great set of meetings at work today and I have a sense of accomplishment that almost equals my nearly overwhelming sense of all the things that aren’t done yet.  Oh, and I got to meet with my executive coaches this morning, and took away some helpful nuggets.  If you were looking for a meaty post today you’ll have to wait for Thursday.  Sorry.  

Enjoy the light posts Tuesday and Wednesday and if next week starts like this I may have to cut back to three posts/week.  We knew this was ambitious when I started, right?  

Off to bed!

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