More Growth Requires More of Something Else

Yesterday was a hard day.  A lot of (as usual) I brought a lot of it on myself.  I posted on the social medias last night:

A long, hard day today with lots of difficulty. Thankful for godly folk I work with, God’s forgiveness, and restorative sleep.

It’s hard being humbled, but oh, so necessary.  Ah, how I need to grow.  And growth requires more grace.  Which left me at the end of the day tired, emotional, and thankful for God’s ever flowing grace and forgiveness.  And so I leave you with a link to a short article written by a former pastor on growing BY grace:

What Peter was trying to get his readers to understand is that in order to grow in their faith it takes grace and knowledge—both, of course, applied to daily living—in order to grow. And growth, as one learns more about Christ and becomes more like Him, is what sanctification is all about.

via Grow By Grace | Institute for Nouthetic Studies | Blog – Biblical Counseling.

May God’s richest graces flow on every one of you who grace me with your reading of this little corner of the web today.

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