Still not sure how much personal information that belongs here. I’m trying to walk the line between professional and personal and keep things honest and as open as appropriate for a public forum like this.  Today there’s nothing about school…just a personal goal I’ve been working on for a while.

I’ve been overweight for a number of years. My BMI at a point somewhat recently was well into the obese range. I peaked somewhere around 245 and was barely fitting into 38″ waisted jeans that had been stretched out Mostly I was hovering between 235-240.

This summer we did a 3 month weight loss thing and both Theresa and I did really well. I dropped 25 pounds from 240 to 215. Since early August, though, I’ve been hovering between 211-216, with occasional falls off the wagon where I hit close to 220.

I can’t seem to break that 210 mark. My goal is 195, but that 209 pound level has been elusive.

OK, being honest I haven’t tried as hard as I know I could. And I really have been awful at exercising for the last 3 months in particular, despite having access to both the Bradley rec center and another gym. Not to mention the hiking trails that are right by my office.  Though for the past two weeks I’ve been starting back to the gym three times per week for cardio, and we’re working to start some strength/weight training in a couple of times each week starting next week.

So I’m making another push. Exercise starting up again, and concentrating on meeting dietary goals again. Theresa is working with me and we’re going to see whether that next level is achievable. Depending on how much readership this post gets, I might even tell you.

So what about you? Any personal health goals that you’ve succeeded at or had a rough patch with?

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