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So tomorrow we start a new EMBA module. I’ve been looking forward to this one: it’s one of the Human Resources (HR) modules. We’ll be talking about Corporate Culture, and Attracting and Developing Talent. This is an area where my organization has lagged at times, and where we have some huge goals on areas we want to improve. The HR Director is a direct report and so I’ll be going over class notes and assignments with him as well and he’ll get a piece of my degree learning for no additional charge.

The most recent module, Cost Management, started with Professor Wayvon giving an overview of why accounting is important for management of an organization. One of the most memorable quotes: At its base, EVERY problem is a people problem. And it’s true. Whether it’s technology, accounting, or services rendered: it’s a person who got you into that problem and solving it will involve people. Management is about people.

And I’m excited about improving my abilities at developing people. Managing people is great, but to really succeed in the long term we have to develop workers into better workers and managers who can do what we do. Unless you can replicate what you do in someone else, long term you will struggle.

So here’s the book for the class:  The Great Workplace:  How to Build It, How to Keep It and Why It Matters.   A snippet for your enjoyment:

If you are a leader, you must communicate, make decisions, and interact with people, just as leaders in all companies do. You may carry out your job description very well. But to be a leader in a great workplace, you need to not only execute your role but also instill certain beliefs in people as you are doing it. A great workplace is one where people trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. As a leader, you are the one to create and reinforce these beliefs with every communication, every decision, every interaction. To create a great workplace, you’ll need to do your job differently.  (From The Great Workplace)

Leadership means building culture and seeing it as your responsibility.  I’m excited about taking this next class and working on Culture and encouraging, recruiting and retaining talent for our organization.  Here’s a few of the topics on the syllabus for the next two weekends.

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast: Impact of culture on performance
  • Understanding the leader’s role in shaping and maintaining culture
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • philosophies, techniques, and practices of recruitment
  • hiring philosophy
  • New staff onboarding
  • leadership development programs and philosophy

I’ll share some of what I learn here, of course, but this is going to be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to working along side Samaritan’s HR Director as we learn, stretch, adopt and plan together especially in the coming month.

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