Not A Lot of New (Plus a Bonus!)

So life has been pretty decent of late.  The last two weeks have been hard, but I’m seeing things trend up in better habits and more awareness and holes getting plugged at both home and work.  I had a few very minor crises at home and work, which often when I’m tired throw me for a loop and lead to a mild depression.  And this time they didn’t, which is encouraging.

I’m still not getting enough sleep.  Only about a third of the nights am I getting the seven hours I’ve budgeted in my 168 Hours list, and most of those it’s just barely over seven, with a rare “catch up” night where I get 8. (I did go to bed early last Thursday and got a fantastic night’s sleep of over 10 hours which was a huge help.) I’m doing ok on the less sleep (I cut most of my caffeine out, which I think helps a ton), but I’d like to be hitting at least the 6 1/2 number with near 100% frequency, which I’m not.

Also, because I’m pretty well caught up on school, I don’t have a lot to write about my EMBA work at the moment.  And since no-one else has posted questions for me to answer in the comments, recently, I find myself with a Monday post and not much to say.  So I’ll try something that’s built into WordPress here, which I haven’t used before, that might be fun:   A Poll.  Let me know what you think.  I think I’ve got it set up so you can add in options if your answer isn’t there, and so you can check multiple answers if they all apply.  Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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