A Lull. (Or is it “A Lull?”)

I’m caught up on school.  I don’t have class this weekend.

It feels weird.  Which is funny because three months ago I didn’t have schoolwork at all.

This morning I work up exhausted.  I didn’t sleep well.  Mostly my own fault, but not enough sleep.

I also woke up thinking about the fact that this EMBA program has already been worth every penny it has cost us in terms of the improvement I’m seeing in my work.  That means a lot because it’s been hard (though not as hard as I was expecting, so far) and because there were some who thought this was a bad idea.  I’ve already learned a ton more than I could put into practice immediately, and I’m more on top of my game in the office and thinking better and more strategically than I was a year ago.

Certainly some of it is just a product of the “cross training” effect: athletes who are great will often train for something completely different in the off-season and that change in patterns tends to improve their performance in the primary sport.  At least that’s what I’ve read, if I’m remembering correctly (or IIRC if you’re a texter).  And that’s not a bad thing, because I hopefully can continue that “cross training” pattern when school is done in 14 months by taking some of my school time and filling it with something else rewarding.

But a lot of it is due to real improvement and practical knowledge I’m gaining from the EMBA program.  I’m already looking around my office and deciding who would most benefit from this experience and education and planning for how we can get them ready to do so.

But today feels like a lull.  My calendar this morning is empty because Theresa originally had jury duty and Thursdays are a crazy day at home so I had planned to take the morning off.  (She got sent home yesterday and doesn’t have to go back…not enough trials for the jury pool…so she’s home today now and I was going to go into the office).  So with a clear calendar, and feeling tired, and having no pressing responsibilities I decided to still take the morning off and rest.  To take advantage of this break in the crazy and get some extra rest.

Those are the kinds of decisions that are usually hard for me to make:  choosing to rest when there is still work to be done just because an opportunity to rest presents itself.

So this post has nothing really new about my life in it, and I’m not going to work this morning.  I’m pouncing on an opportunity to rest for a few hours, and going back to sleep so that I can be more ready to do what God’s called me to do.

So what do you do when new, unexpected opportunities to rest (or do something else) present themselves to you?

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