It’s Been Three Months!

Three months ago today I posted here at Changing Horses Midstream for the first time.  I wasn’t sure it would work if I ended up getting accepted at Bradley, and I didn’t yet know whether I’d gotten into the EMBA program.

Now here we are on October 3…three full months and over 50 blog posts later.  Perhaps a little reflection is in order?

First off, I’m still alive.  It was certainly possible to have achieved death by crazy in only a few months, but when I checked this morning after I woke up I was still breathing.  So that’s at the very least a partial victory.

Second, I’ve made this work.  I’m posting twice per week with a substantial post and four total posts every week.  They’re on the blog by 10AM central time every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  And the goal of using soft, pain-free deadlines to help work on my “starting early” habits has been helpful.  And building habits of submitting to my own soft deadlines will be what gets me through school without dying.

Third, I’m doing well in school.  So far everything has been A’s.  Tomorrow I’m turning in our first group project, and industry analysis, and I’ve gotten better grades than I expected on my first two papers.  So far it’s all good, but tomorrow I also start Cost Management, which is going to be helpful but I’m not looking forward to it.

Fourth, I’m getting my work done.  I’ve made it through all of the trips for this six month period now, and I don’t have anything else scheduled before Spring, and only one short trip that has yet to be scheduled in February.  None of the projects on my plate at the office are suffering, and I’m managing to be better at delegating than I have been in the past.

Fifth, I’m growing.  I’m seeing more issues more clearly, and I’m learning from my coaches, my profs, my classmates, and my teammates at work.  I’m seeing my own foibles more clearly, and I’ve had more than a few events where I’ve been able to help someone else over a hump.

On the other side of things, we’re still struggling with getting into a set routine.  The every other week thing still throws me for a loop, and the travel that’s gone on plus the boys in driver’s ed has worked against a good, tight schedule.  Thankfully the time investment for school has been a little less than I anticipated most weeks, and there’s been some slush.

I’m also not getting any exercise or as much sleep as I should.  I set a goal of 7 hours per night, and I’m missing that by 3-4 hours/week over the past month.  And my activity level is, except for one day walking around DC, abysmal.  I need to find the right time slot to exercise and make it happen.  It’s likely to be 6-7AM, but I like the getting the heart rate up to start the day method anyway.

So I’m doing all right, getting good grades….and things are looking pretty bright for the near future.  God has been good to me and mine, and very gracious, and while there’s a lot of room for improvement, it’s going better than I thought it might.  A lot to be thankful for.

What kind of interesting things have gone on in your life over the past 13 weeks?

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