Finding Letters, Blogging and Seth Godin

You’ve heard of Seth Godin, right? He’s a modern ‘marketing guru’ for lack of a better term. He’s brilliant and had more exciting ideas than any ten people could implement. You should read his blog. His posts are better than mine. And his books are worth buying. (No, I don’t get a kickback on sending sales his way.)

Anyway, I like Seth Godin a lot. Recently I caught a post in my reading that stuck out as relevant here at Changing Horses. It was titled “Your Alphabet.”

Godin likened your skill set to the limited number of letters available to a typeset printer. There are 26 letters and 10 integers and we can make these 36 characters into all sorts of words and phrases. But there’s just that 36.

What if you wanted to do something that wasn’t possible with those 36 characters?

Just like the limited characters in that set of 36, your skill set and my skill set are limited. There’s only so much you can do with 36 characters. And in many ways, choosing to go back to school was because I had reached the end (or near the end) of what I could do with the letters in my box.

So I’m going back so I can buy some more letters and produce more beautiful work than I can now without those letters. I’m looking forward to all the new things I’ll be able to understand and do because of the letters I’m adding to my box.

What about you? Are you running out of uses for your letters?

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