Keeping Organized

Not as organized as I’d like, of course, but organized. Something has to keep track of ideas, the someday list, and what I’m working on so I don’t lose ideas and thoughts, right?

Enter Trello

I have several Trello boards that I use to organize various facets of my life. It’s not perfect, and I’m not completely utilizing it, but it’s helped a ton.

Think of Trello like a file of stacks of index cards. You make a board, which has several tabs of cards, and you can move cards from one tab to another or rearrange them on the tab in whatever order you like. Color categories help to give some visual clues and you can set due dates and organize however works for your mind.

In my work board I keep tabs of “To Do” (not on the schedule yet), “Next Week” (things I want to get done next week), “Current Week”, one for future EMBA stuff, one for things that are on the calendar (schedule) but not done yet, and one for cards that are done.

Each card you can put comments on, upload files to, and keep one or more checklists on the card. I find all of those features helpful at various times, of course, and it keeps all my stuff in one place.

I have a board for work, one for family organization, one for date nights and one I’m not using much (so far) for home repair projects. I share out the work board to my assistant, and the ones for home with TC.

“Did you say date night?”

Why yes I did! This was our solution to the “we’re in the car now where should we go to eat?” problem where we just drove around and took a while to decide. We made a tab with a regular rotation of places we go, and then we just rotate the top card to the bottom after we eat there unless somebody had a particular craving. It was very helpful.

Oh, and in case you didn’t just assume this, there’s apps. For Android, iPhone and iPad. So even though it’s web based I can get to my boards from all the devices and keep up.

Won’t work for everyone, but if there’s anything you do that you have to share project work with someone else, Trello is a great, free tool that I’ve had some great help from.

What do you do to help keep organized?


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