What GOES? (plus food)

This past Saturday TC and I went to Chicago. I had an appointment at the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) at 12:20pm. GOES is one of the entry methods into the TSA Pre-check program, and appeared to be the only one I’d easily qualify for.

So Saturday morning we headed up to O’Hare so I could make my appointment. We made decent time, even with a needed stop, and arrived a little early and GOES was running early. Except.

Except that I didn’t have a passbook passport with me (nor do I have one) and it’s required for entry into the program. Whoops. So that’s the bad news.

The good news is I was able to do the interview and I have 30 days to bring back my passport to complete the process. So I had on my to do list to upgrade my passport card into a passbook anyway, but now I’ll need to expedite the service. Should be able to make it with some time to spare.

The other good news is that we went to an amazing restaurant for lunch. Seasons 52. It was almost certainly in the top 5 meals out I have ever had. The food was fantastic, the service was great, and everything about the restaurant was in line with “If I ever owned a place I’d want to do ________”. My kind of place, right down to the small but tasty desserts.

And since I have to go back to O’Hare with my passport, I should be able to try their food wares again. Mmmmmm.

I’ll let you know how the passport things works out…

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