Economic Understandings

So Friday and Saturday, in addition to trying to keep up with the Samaritan Ministries board meeting via text, I had class again. But just the two days.

Understanding the External Economic Environment.

It was fantastic. And not just because I have a general love, enjoyment and understanding of economics.

Each of the professors (5 different ones over the two day course) was interesting and loved what they taught. And anyone who loves the topic they’re speaking of can keep even the most ignorant listner intrigued and involved.

So. Much. Fun.

I came home from class both days just energized from the learning and discussion. Every single professor kept my interest and the whole class got into several discussions. Like how it’s entirely likely that China’s export led growth strategy which flooded our economy with dollars may have caused the recession via the housing bubble (all that cash had to create a bubble somewhere, the theory goes). Like how supply and demand work in detail, and the three assumptions that must be true for a standard supply/demand graph. We talked about how policy affects markets in minimum wage, rent control and kidney transplants. We talked about the different kinds of unemployment (cyclical and structural). We talked about monetary policy and the Fed’s control over it. About anti-trust law and monopoly.

And we spent two whole hours plus talking about health care economics. Sigh. Two hours talking health care economics with three different PhDs in Economics and 13 exceptional classmates. I was having so much fun. At school. Digging down into the different thoughts I’ve had and testing them with other thinkers, and getting to hear about the PPACA from those involved in health care from the hospital and doctor side which was pretty cool as well and I look forward to more discussions with those classmates as January 2014 approaches.

So far this program is everything I’d expected and hoped it would be. And I’m totally jazzed going into month 2. I love the team I have there and the rest of the cohort and we’re engaging in great debate together as we teach each other and learn from one another as well as the professors. I still have a short paper to turn in for the Economics class from last week, but it’s going to be fun to write.

I’m enjoying being a student in this environment, and the next 15 months are going to fly by and be amazingly helpful in the work that I do…helpful in getting me to think in different ways and helpful in giving me a broader base of management related knowledge. I am very thankful for this opportunity.

So what’s the best time you ever had learning something?

2 thoughts on “Economic Understandings

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re reading (and commenting!) It’s nice to get the feedback. Sadly, I don’t always have a joy of learning (my wife is a queen at that…she loves learning about almost anything) but this particular class is one where I have quite a bit of interest.

      My goal for the program is practical (improve in my day to day work) so the learning isn’t just for it’s own sake, which is a change for me from my previous schooling experiences. I think that helps a lot.

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