I’m an E something T something…

So during the week-long Leadership Challenge (posts about it here and here) we got the results of, among other things, an extensive MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) profile.

Now I usually type out as an ENTP.  Not terribly strong on the N and very weak on the P.  But not this time.

I came in as an ESTJ.

The J vs. P part was pretty cool.  The Step II MBTI breaks down each of the four readings (Introvert/Extrovert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Perceiving/Judging) into five categories.  So while I average out as a J, all five of the subcategories had very strong leanings (one of them pegged the meter) one way or the other, 2 to J and 3 to P.  So I:

  • Was much more Casual (P) than Systematic (J)
  • Prefer Pressure Prompted motivation (P) over Starting Early (J) (This is exemplified in the fact that I wrote this post at the last-minute this morning before I posted it)
  • Tend to be much more Emergent (P) than Methodical (J)…not sure what emergent is, but my gut is that it means following my gut rather than a methodical process.
  • BUT, I want to be Planful (J), much more than Open Ended (P).  I like planning ahead even if I don’t start early apparently.  (Which my wife would tell you is very true)
  • And I want things to be Scheduled (J) rather than Spontaneous (P) … though I wonder if my answers on that one are because I’ve recently become vigilant in following a calendar because I only have so much time and I need to make sure I stay on schedule).

On the N vs. S I was more perplexed.  I think of myself as a “big picture” kind of guy…much more forest than trees.  I hate proofreading and I don’t like looking over contracts, and more often than not I get bored by details.  I came in towards the middle on this one, for sure:

  • Concrete (S) vs. Abstract (N):  fairly strong preference for Concrete.  That one doesn’t surprise me.
  • Realistic (S) vs. Imaginative (N):  very slight preference for Realistic.  I like to dream but not too much, I guess.
  • Practical (S) vs. Conceptual (N):  I came in right in the middle.
  • Experiential (S) vs. Theoretical (N):  another very slight preference for Experiential.
  • Traditional (S) vs. Original (N):  fairly strong preference for Original.  I like our traditional worship service at my church, for example, but I like trying new things and hate to be like everyone else.

So this was fun, and illuminating.  It was one of 5 assessments at the Leadership Challenge last week and helped me step up my self-awareness and also get to know my teammates quite a bit while we prepare for the next 16 months of working together on projects.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering/worrying:  I still peg the meter on E (Extrovert) vs. Introvert (I).   The most fun comparison there (to me) is Expressive vs. Contained….yeah, I resemble that.

So what’s your thoughts on personality leanings?  Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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