Finance Class Pre-Quizzes part 3 (final saga)

(If you didn’t, read Part 1 and Part 2)

So today I’m back in class.  On a Monday.  Today is the first day of the Leadership Challenge course which will include some executive coaching an an in depth look at my leadership style and areas where I am in need of improvement.  So we have class Monday – Friday this week.

But that’s not the topic of the post, is it?

So after the study session I felt a little more confident on Risk/Return but needed to get back into the reading and see how it would go.  Wednesday was date night (no studying!) and so Thursday, after an intense all day meeting, I grabbed my computers and books and headed off to Bradley to use the library for the first time as a student.  (I checked the web site and it said Thursday hours went to midnight).

But apparently I didn’t look thoroughly at the website because on this Thursday it closed at 5pm.  So I had to find someplace else to study.

Most of the local coffee shops close at 8 or earlier.  Leaves N Beans on Main is open later on Thursdays but it’s open mic night so not really conducive to studying.  I could go to One World but that would get pricey or I’d feel bad for taking a table, and so I held my nose and headed for Starbucks.

I went back over the notes, re-read the power point slides, and looked over the practice questions in the textbook.  Took some more notes.

And then I dove into the quiz.  I took my time.  Thought about the questions and answers, and double checked my math.

I got 12 out of 15.  The minimum score for passing.

I was relieved.  Not the score I wanted, but if nothing else happened I can go on from this part of schooling with a passing score and a 3 quiz average of 91%.  I looked over the quiz, tried to understand my errors, and put it away for the evening, knowing that I could attend a birthday party for a friend the next night with a clear conscience.

Saturday I got the books out again and took another run at it.  No risk, right?  Higher score wins.  I settled in at home while the family was at yet another birthday party in the afternoon and reviewed the notes and went at the second quiz.

12 of 15.  Still no problems with the math…all in just not grabbing a nuance of a definition somehow.  Ah well.

So that’s my scores on the finance pre-quizzes:  14, 15 and 12.  41 out of 45.  And I’m now back in college with actual grades and actual tests and actual stress.

Thursday’s post will be something general about going back to school and I’ll recap the Leadership Challenge that I’m embroiled in as you read next Monday.  Thanks for visiting and as always feel free to leave a comment.

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