Finance Pre Class Quizzes, Part 2

Tuesday night after I got back from Orlando I went to a study session at Bradley on Risk and Return. (I left class, went Orlando, came back to class.) I did OK on the first two of the three finance pre-class quizzes, but I was having trouble understanding the math of this section in particular. I read the materials again on the plane on the way home and made some notes with questions, and then showed up for the session with my son Toby in tow. (Toby is the resident math/music/art geek in the house and I thought he might learn something).

The last part first: I found out that Arbitrage Pricing Theory, the part of the chapter where I crashed and burned, isn’t something I have to learn. Not on the test, not in the class.

The lecture and power point (instructor shared the slides) went a long way towards understanding the math and the concepts. I haven’t yet taken the quiz (I get two attempts) but I’m a lot more optimistic than I was going into it.

I’ll let you know how I do in Part 3.

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