From the Wayback Machine: TIME interview about Samaritan Ministries

Here’s a flashback to a media article that was done on my family and Samaritan Ministries by TIME a few years ago:

Organized Christian health-sharing arrangements, which first cropped up in the early 1980s, have become an alternative to traditional health insurance for an estimated 100,000 Americans. The groups range from small, community-based collectives to large, multistate organizations like Samaritan Ministries International and Medi-Share, which each month direct the flow of millions of dollars from individuals to fellow members with eligible health care expenses. The bill-sharing premise is based on biblical principles in verses like Hebrews 13: 16: “Do not forget to do good and to share with others.”

But there’s also a significant financial appeal. Lansberry and his wife have seven children, but as Samaritan members, they pay just $320 a month in “shares,” the ministry equivalent of premiums. At a time when the average monthly health-insurance cost for a family of four is slightly more than $1,500, the savings can be substantial.

Read the rest at the  TIME website..

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