First Day(s) of School

So this past Friday was my first day of classes at Bradley. Sure I’ve been working on the pre-homework for Finance, but somehow now it’s a lot more real. I had to show up for class at 7:30am on Friday (for breakfast, actually), and it was a full day of orientation.

There were brief introductions, setting up computers on the securre Bradey network, campus tours, and lots of busywork getting the semester launched.

Stats from opening day:

  • Average age of the class…. 40.5
  • Average management experience 11.5 years
  • Equal numbers of health care and manufacturing managers represented
  • 7 men, 7 women

Orientation was long, and a little overwhelming at the end. We spent the last two hours in a Q&A session with former and current EMBA students and I left feeling pretty nervous about the program and whether I can make it through.

Saturday, though, when we actually started class, was amazing. We heard from 6 professors on the topic of “Scanning the Environment”…kind of a sneak preview of what they’ll be teaching later in the program. All six were vibrant, interesting, and easy to follow. They love their subject matters, and were great to listen to.

It certainly helped that the first one up was the Economics professor. What a great topic! I know, I know, it’s in my wheelhouse, so it gets a lot of love. But he was interesting and things were interactive and I’m really looking forward to more Econ in the various modules. The other professors talked Marketing, Strategy, Accounting, HR, and Global Business (the program has a global focus including an international trip). The HR section was great…already got some takeaways for work when I return, and even the Accounting professor kept it interesting, which is hard to do for accounting.

In the afternoon we had introduction presentations from the students. We still had 2 of the 14 students out for the first weekend, and I had to leave early, so I only got to hear 5 of the other 11 presentations. It was great, though, to get to know some more of the classmates better and to see their style in presenting themselves. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know each of them better, and I’m looking forward to viewing the video of the other 6 presentations when I get back into town.

I left the first weekend of school very excited and optimistic about school, and even though I’m certain there’s a lot of work ahead over the next 17 months, I’m ready to rock.

Next up for class is the Leadership Challenge, which is a week long in-depth personal leadership discovery, and I’m sure it will be painful at times but I’m looking forward to it.  No more class until the 26th.

Oh, and here’s a pic from my first day of school (my wife made me let her take it):


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