School and Travel

For the readers who know me, or who have an any way followed my recent career, this won’t be a surprise: I travel quite a bit.

One of the requirements for going back to school was that the bulk of my traveling would get passed on to others. This wasn’t a requirement of Bradley, btw, but something my wife and i put into our pre-school planning and decision making. So my travel schedule for the next 15 months has been slashed drastically.

Here’s the evaluation process for trips: can anyone else do this? Am I going to have a speaking opportunity? Can I make it work?

If the answer to the first question is yes, then someone else is going to go. If the answer to the second is no, then I will likely take a pass. And then the third is the most difficult because working with schedules a month or more into the future can be dicey and somewhat subjective.

So right now I’m in the middle of two trips. Last night I got home from a 3 day trip to Memphis for the Morning Center. And Saturday I’ll leave class a little early to catch a plane to Orlando for a meeting early next week for Samaritan. Both trips were necessary, and both couldn’t get passed to anyone else. I’ve got at least two more trips coming up over the next few months as well. Both should be easily scheduled around school. One is on the calendar: I’m speaking at a conference in Denver next month. The other is a meeting in DC that may have a short fuse from scheduling to departure, but I’ve given blackout dates to the organizers. That all being said, there were at least 2 trips that, school not being an issue, I would have taken this year in the last couple of weeks alone.

I like to travel, in general. There’s some of the things that come along with travel ( TSA ) that I could do without, but I like going new places, meeting new people, and trying something new. I don’t, however, like being away from my wife and family. I don’t like coming home to a bunch of meetings that have been stacked up waiting for my return. And I really don’t like spending time away from my wife (yes, I know that’s redundant…but it’s because you need to know how much I really, REALLY, hate spending even one night away from her).

So things will be interesting. We’ve got 15 months ahead, and there’s already some crunchy travel trying to attack my school schedule. I had to finish a project for school while in Memphis (an introduction presentation) and I’m still finishing up that finance homework. Travel, I’ve known since the decision to return to school was made, will be the tricky thing. And as long as I can keep it in a box, delegating everything possible.

Tune in Monday….I’ll tell you about the first day of school (which is tomorrow).  Promise.

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