Calendar Snippets: Time With Friends

I plan, when I get the homework done, to have a post on how I do on these first quizzes for the EMBA. Not done yet.

Why not? Because it’s on the schedule. And even though I want to put it behind me the reason for the schedule and the 168 hour budget is not just to make time for school and study. Nope.

It’s also to protect the time for other events in my life that are important from school stealing that time because it wasn’t carved out.

One of those items on the “time Tetris” budget is “Time with Friends.” Over the past few days i had some amazingly fun times with friends. I am thankful I didn’t slash this with all the unimportant things on the schedule potentials.

Friday night Theresa and I went out to dinner with another couple from our church. This one has been a long time coming. The husband in this couple, an MD resident, was immensely helpful both in our understanding what was going on with our youngest in the ICU but also instrumental in our getting to take him home sooner than they might have otherwise. It was a great dinner at Seven on Prospect here in Peoria (in the Heights). Great food, great conversation and fellowship. We’re looking forward to getting to know this couple and their children even more as he finishes his residency here over the next 9 months.

After dinner I wandered over to another friend’s house where his wife was throwing a big birthday bash for him. Conversation and a couple of really nice but quick games and a very enjoyable, celebratory end to the evening. Like a Friday night should be.

And then yesterday we got together with a few other families from church after lunch and enjoyed the unseasonably mild weather sitting in the lawn having conversation. It was a refreshing afternoon and I went into this week feeling relaxed, at least until something blows up at the office.

It’s going to be a crazy 15 months of school, but I’m thankful already that Theresa encouraged me to keep “time with friends” as a staple on the calendar. After a weekend where there was so much good time, I would have missed it.


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