Time Tetris

So last night I finished putting together two schedules.  Two.

That’s the reason I just finally finished.  While working on the calendar previously I had too many unknowns and some things that I was uncomfortable with, so I had been putting off finishing it.

I had my 168 hours list.  But when I worked on putting everything on the calendar it bothered me to say I would be studying for 9 hours every non-class Saturday.  That just seemed silly.

And it was.  Because I was being silly.  Why would I try to make a single, one size fits all schedule when my weeks fit into two very different templates:  class weeks and non -class weeks.  Sure I’m going to take most of Fridays off for study on non-class weeks, but on Saturday?  I should be rocking the quality time with my family, right?

So now I have two schedules.

In hindsight I feel kind of foolish for not figuring that out from the get go.  I’ve been staring at the school calendar for a couple of months, making sure I don’t schedule anything on a class day, so I can almost see the calendar in my sleep.  And there it is, in that image engraved on my brain:  two kinds of weeks.  Class weeks.  Non-class weeks.

And so I finished all the big blocks of schedule tonight.  I have lots of study time in 90 minute blocks.  I have four nine hour days at the office every week.  I found time every other Friday to have friends over for dinner and fellowship.  I have dinner with my family every night except date night.  And I have date night.  And now each week the parts can get moved around so they will work even when we want to go out on Wednesday instead of Monday.  I’m more than a little excited about it.    The simple thing of spreading study time over two weeks and doubling up on things in non-class weeks (like 2 hours to pay bills every other week instead of trying to find an hour every week) just freed me up to be able to put the time blocks together and make it all work.

I’m sure once classes start and I begin working with my team I’ll have to make some adjustments.  And that will be simple at this point because I have the blocks of time all laid out.  I just need to move them around to make a different picture.  And I’m thankful to have this part behind me so I can get on with the homework for my finance class next week.  I even know when I’ll be doing it.now.


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