And So It Begins…

So I’m back from vacation, and even through I started some of this on vacation it’s starting to pile up and get real.  The first day of class is 3 weeks away.  I’ve already gotten my first and second work schedule conflicts working over the next 2 months.  I already have homework.

Since a big part of the purpose of this blog is to chronicle the process of my (hopefully) surviving and completing my EMBA, here’s the first installment of the details.   Before school starts I have 3 chapters of a finance text two read and three quizzes to pass.  I also have to put together a 10 minute introduction for the rest of the class, and I recently completed 5 personal assessments including an MBTI and a 360 degree review self-evaluation.  I also, much praise to God, received a $12,500 scholarship which will be very helpful in the “paying for” process of the program.

The first day of classes is 18 days away.   My excitement meter is near 100% but so is the nervousness meter.  Being the consummate non-optimist I’m already working worst case scenarios for school and wondering whether I can do this or not.  My probationary acceptance requires that I get a B or better for the first few courses, and while that wasn’t usually a problem for me in school I do have some checkered parts in my academic history…enough to make me nervous.

It’s time to get the game face on and get in the zone.  I’ve already decided to stop posting links on Fridays and to move to 4 posts/week with 2 meaty posts and 2 “check this link out” posts.  I’m still getting my bearings for the class work, but there’s so much to look forward to, and quite a bit to be fearful of.

And so it begins…  The phrase brings back memories of Babylon 5 and the characters and story that drew me in for the five seasons.   There’s going to be a fight ahead between my desires to do things the easy way and to unplug when things are hard.  There will be decisions about priorities that come every week and force me to make tough choices about what’s most important.  And there’s the fear that I’m going to reduce my effectiveness at my most important jobs (husband and father) or even at my day job in order to do well at school  People are praying for me.  My wife is supporting me.  And the nervousness will, Lord willing, soon be replace with the energy being channeled into the challenges ahead, much like the nerves I feel when I step on stage to face a crowd.

And so it begins.

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