If? If this? IFTTT?

So recently a friend turned me on to an on line service called IFTTT.  From their website:

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

And then, just a little bit later an iPhone app came out for it.  From Lifehacker:

iPhone: If This Then That is one of our favorite automation services, and now they’ve released an iPhone app so you can manage and create recipes on the go. What’s better is that you get a set of iOS specific recipes as well.

So here’s how it works:  You wished you could automate a process with a web service or two.  Let’s say you, like me, use Instapaper to keep up with your on line reading by saving articles to read later on your moblie device.  But let’s say there’s one blog that you always read on Instapaper.  You can use IFTTT to have any new posts on that blog (via RSS feed) automatically add to your Instapaper and you don’t need to open the page and click “read later.”  Convenient, right?  So here’s a few of my custom IFTTT “recipes”:

  • If someone tags me in a Facebook photo, it automatically gets added to a folder in my Dropbox
  • Every Wednesday, IFTTT sends me a text/SMS to remind me that the garbage needs to be taken out
  • When a new post hits this blog (like this one) IFTTT automatically saves it in both Instapaper and in Evernote (two separate recipes)
  • Every morning IFTTT sends me a text with today’s weather forecast, and texts me in the evening if it’s supposed to rain tomorrow
  • If I mark “watch later” on a YouTube video, it gets saved to Instapaper
  • (a personal favorite) on April 1st, at 7am I’ll get a text that says “Don’t believe anything you see on the internet today.  It’s April Fool’s Day.”

So check out the IFTTT “channels” and see what online apps or iOS apps you use that you could benefit from using IFTTT to streamline your work.  Try it out!

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