I’m On Vacation…

…but you probably couldn’t tell from the blog.

I have a goal to post something new every weekday, and something I’ve personally put some “original” thought into on Mondays and Thursdays.  But, as I noted earlier, life is crazy and needs to be scheduled pretty tightly to make things work.  Every single one of the 168 hours in the week has to be accounted for, and finding time to post every day, including writing an original post every Monday and every Thursday just isn’t going to happen.

And I knew that when I started the blog and set the goal.

Before the blog went live, I finished the “About Me” page and had four days’ worth of posts and several more ideas for the next posts already ready to go.  I kept them short.  Easy to read.  Light where possible.  I wanted to start a blog that was dependable (regularly) and easy to follow, even for someone with little time to spare.  And when I went live, I scheduled them out, one per day, so they would post early in the morning (before 10AM Central), whether I had time to spare that day or not.

Scheduling posts means I can write when I want to write and they can post on schedule that is easier for readers to deal with.  And that should work for quite some time forward and you should be able to come here every day and find something new, and on Mondays and Thursdays find something I put some time into.

So today I’m on vacation.  I’m probably not writing.  I’m unplugged.  You won’t find me answering emails or posting anything work related on twitter…unless it was scheduled beforehand.  But this post is here, on time, and you can read it, without me getting up early today and finding a half hour to write and hoping that I’ll be able to think of something to write.

So enjoy!  Perhaps there will be a “post vacation post” coming later to tell you how I spent my time unplugged.  For now, get a laugh from Dr. Leo Marvin by clicking on the video below:

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