Changing Horses?

I wrote about the class on public speaking I’m teaching earlier, right? Well in preparation for that class I read some books.

One of the books I read was Scott Berkun’s Confessions of a Public Speaker. I found it on my bookshelf. I bought it, maybe at someone’s recommendation, and then lost track of it. (Lost track=completely forgot it and asked my wife why she bought it. See the whole story in my review of the book here.)

It was a great book. Very helpful. Well written. And so I started reading Berkun’s blog (here).

One of the first posts I read there was “Changing your life is not a (mid-life) crisis.” It’s that post that inspired the blog title. That and I couldn’t think of anything else and my original title “Random Musings of a Traveling Fool” didn’t work for what I want to accomplish with the blog. So (for now at least) it’s Changing Horses Midstream.

I’m not going through a mid-life crisis. Attempting what I have on my plate for the next 24 months may be certifiably insane (see my first post here) but it’s not a “mid-life crisis.”

Berkun explains why….

“Whenever someone over the age of 25 suggests a profound change, one of their friends will say, mockingly “you’re having a mid-life crisis.” It’s the only response adults know to offer. We have no label for an adult who continues to grow, who works to better understand themselves, and who periodically chooses to re-align their life with their dreams. And most of us, as friends, don’t know how to respond when someone tries to step out of the box we’ve held them in, a box much like the one we hold ourselves in all the time.”

(read the rest)

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