Music for Working

I like to listen to music while I work and during meetings (sometimes to keep from bothering my next door office neighbor with talk coming through the thin wall). But I find lyrics to be horribly distracting becuase, being a word guy, I want to hear them and they draw me in.

So background music with lyrics just doesn’t work.

On a friend’s recommendation, I created a Pandora station based on an artist named Johnny A.  I love it.

From his “about” page on Pandora:

Guitarist Johnny A. was born in Malden, MA and grew up in the North Shore area of Boston, where he led bands that played every major and not-so-major venue in the area as well as a host of roadside bars in the New England area. He eventually chose to become a sideman, playing with such artists as Bobby Whitlock, Mingo Lewis, and J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf. In his six year stint as Wolf’s guitarist, Johnny A. recorded on the albums Fool’s Parade” (1999) and the one which he co-produced with Wolf, 1996’s Long Line. Johnny A. was also a member of Wolf’s House Party 5 band and various incarnations of his acoustic ensembles, which toured extensively throughout the United States and Japan.

Great bluesy guitar music, fun to listen to, and the Pandora station has almost no songs with lyrics, allowing me to focus on work.  Try him out.  Here’s his website:

And a video to get you going:

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