Learning and Teaching

I set a list of goals for the next year at my job. At the encouragement of the HR Director I didn’t focus solely on improving the negatives.

“What are you good at? How can you share that skill with others so they can improve?”

I’m good at talking. (Not so good at writing, mind you, which you’ve figured out if you’ve ready any blog posts so far, or maybe even just from reading this far) I talk a lot. And I’ve managed to become pretty good at talking publicly: communicating verbally to large and small groups alike.

So I’m going to teach a class on public speaking. Because going back to school + starting a blog wasn’t tough enough.

I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll report on how it’s going from time to time, but there will be 2 sections of students at work taking 11 class sessions. And most of the class sessions will be the students talking, giving speeches they’ve worked up and the rest of us listening. Listening to me lecture about lecturing is kinda silly, really. Better to work at it and listen to each other and get feedback on actual speaking, right?

Plus once I work up the class outline I can teach it multiple times again and again, just like I do with various talks I have put together, right? And improve it each time.

So have you ever taken a class in speaking or communication? What did you like about it? Would you be interested in taking one in the future? What if it was taught on line?

And a closing question: Do you know about cold soap? If not…I’ll explain.


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