Are You Insane? (Hint: the answer may be ‘yes’)

I recently interviewed to return to college. This (the returning to college part) is something I would have, if anyone had asked (you didn’t….why not?), said I would never do again. I’m at the top of my game, in many respects. I have a senior level job that I love working for a ministry that I love and I have all the internal and external credibility that I could ever need. Why would I ever subject myself to school? I hated college, the first time. I didn’t really get into it the second time. I wasn’t terribly fond of the correspondence program I dropped out of. And I couldn’t get out of high school fast enough.

But yet, last week I went to an hour long interview for a graduate program.

I should back up.

Years ago my wife and I read about an EMBA degree program at Bradley University, our local college. (They made the sweet 16 in the big dance not too long ago, so don’t take “local” to mean “podunk”) Rarely have I ever heard of anything in higher education that made me think anything positive. Usually articles about undergraduate and graduate classes or programs make me respond with something like, “I’m really glad I don’t have to go back to school” or even “seriously? How will that ever prepare anyone for reality?” (reading notes: hear a tired sigh with the first quote and a tinge of exasperated incredulity with the second)

But this article was different. It described a program that intrigued me. And still does. Why? You’ll have to wait for that one.


4 thoughts on “Are You Insane? (Hint: the answer may be ‘yes’)

    • No. They allow a limited number of (less than 10%) students who have a work/life experience that offsets the lack of a bachelor’s. I’ll weigh in more later on it in later posts, but one of the reasons I haven’t applied earlier is that I didn’t know about this and didn’t have the time/inclination to finish my BA.

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